Some of our hosting only clients may have noticed emails from our servers saying that their new SSL certificates have been installed. Fear not, this is a good thing! For clients hosted with support, rest assured your accounts are also getting the free SSL certificates, you just aren’t being emailed about them.

cPanel, our hosting control panel, provides free Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates to all of our accounts via a feature called AutoSSL. This is great news because it means that all traffic on your site is encrypted, making it really hard for anyone who might be snooping around on a network to read the data in requests from users computers to your websites.

Another reason this is important:¬†You may have noticed Google and Safari have started putting red statements in their address bar “Website Not Secure” or similar. The good news with AutoSSL is that users visiting your site will see a less scary interface, even some browsers will show a nice little green lock to show that everything being transmitted is encrypted.

All in all this is a good thing, and to make it even sweeter, Simplificare is offering the DV AutoSSL certificates at no additional charge! Of course we still offer other levels of SSL certificates. If you need a higher level of assurance on your SSL (EV) or a wildcard certificate, please do let us know!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket at our helpdesk by visiting the client portal.

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