You may have noticed some Tweets/Facebook posts from us over the past week referencing cPanel Inc. changing their licensing fee structure for the web hosting control panel that we use on our servers. 

On June 27, cPanel Inc announced that they would be moving from a per server rate structure to a tiered, per account, rate structure.

Under our existing configuration, our licensing fees would rise by approximately 300% per year. We would be left with no choice but to increase our rates and charge you more for your hosting services. 

The other option that has presented itself is to change hosting control panel to something that offers a pricing scheme similar with what we are paying now. Thus keeping your fees the same, and offering same level service you’ve come to expect from Simplificare.

Over the past weekend we’ve been testing several control panel options and believe we have settled on one front runner. Before we announce our final decision and migration plan. We have some more testing to complete. Stay tuned for an announcement. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket by visiting our client portal at

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